Become A Producer

If you want to make a program about you, your kids, family members or friends who had lived an outstanding life but never had an opportunity to tell about it to the public, TV Studio Sunday is the best place for that. We can make a show specifically about your business at your request. Our professional crew will help you with the script, filming and editing of your program from the scratch or use any photo or video material of your own. We will train you on how to pose in front of the camera to make the best of your image.


Today’s technologies offer a great variety of choices to promote yourself and your business, and newspapers, magazines and flyers have long ceased to be the best. Today’s world is about the Internet. It’s the most comprehensive and efficient source of information ever. Smartphones and portable computers have become an inherent part of everyday life, people use screens of their phones as a gateway to the world. In the ocean of internet informational sources, on-line TV is the easiest and shortest way to the public eye. A picture paints a thousand words!

It is FREE to air your show. Call us to find out the available slot in our schedule and start the production of your own show.

For in-door production we can make available studio facilities with the best services and equipment in Boston, Newton and Staughton, MA. You will find everything for successful production of your own show or commercial. At your request, we can also arrange for out-door filming at your preferred location, e.g. your office, restaurant, boat etc. as a filming site for your promotional video. Call us to get the quote for your production.

Our crew will not shoot porn, parties or events where any explicit or illegal actions or substances take place. We will not shoot prohibited meetings, demonstrations or court trials.

If any damage caused during the filming process, it’s going to be the customer’s liability.