There are moments and events in life which we treasure and cherish and hope to last longer. It can be a wedding, a corporate event or a birthday party. Our memory is not always capable of keeping the tiny details, which are so important and dear to us. The best way to keep the memory of your event is a professional video. In the increasingly competitive business environment sooner or later you face a question: how to distinguish yourself from the plentiful of similar companies, especially when you have exhausted other advertising tools. We have a simple answer to this question – create a staged and professionally directed video commercial! Choose Studio Sunday TV you to get the quality, professionalism, and most importantly – a powerful business development tool. We use high-end quality digital filming, recording and equipment and the latest software. Capture your precious moments with Studio Sunday TV! If you want to use the services of TV Studio Sunday, please contact our office to get all the information on our terms and prices. Our camera crew members will be happy to demonstrate their professionalism at work. 50% of the full production cost is paid on the day of order. The other 50% is paid on the day of receiving the ready product, after making sure it meets your expectations. The client is required to pay for travel and accommodation of our crew outside of Metro Boston Area. If it’s a customer’s fault that the filming process is interrupted the first 50% payment is not refundable.

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